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Why should I use iStage & Organize?

I have been a marketer my entire career.  As a marketer, I engage consumers through creative messaging and images in order to generate desires for various goods and services.  I understand what can influence the consumer purchase behavior.

I have now transferred my marketing knowledge and experience to helping home owners, like you, to market your home to sell. 

My job is to create mass appeal for your home in order to appeal to a greater number of potential buyers.

I’ve always had the flare for designs and as an experienced marketer, I understand what it takes to sell just about anything, including your home.

My philosophy is about creating an experience and exceptional customer service and to help you sell your home quickly and at top dollars so that you may move onto the next adventure in your life.

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Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money.  Staging techniques focus on improving a property’s appeal by transforming it into a welcoming, attractive product that any buyer might want.

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What is home staging?

How much will staging cost? 

The cost of staging varies by scope of work and size of the property.  If you have the resources, time and know how to stage your home, then a consultation may be the only service you need.  A consultation with a written action plan starts at $250.  Full-service staging is highly dependent on the size of the property and how much furniture and accessories will be required.

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Do I really need to stage my home to sell? 

These days, home staging is necessary for a successful sale.  More and more people are leading such busy lives that they don’t have the time or the energy to consider a home that requires updating. 

Only 10% of buyers can visualize a home’s potential for themselves when it is not properly staged.  Home staging accentuates the positives of the home and minimizes the negative aspects of the home to help more buyers see themselves living there.

For more reasons on why home staging is necessary, read my blog .
You can absolutely attempt to stage your home yourself but it may not give you the desired result you’re looking for.  This is because you have an emotional connection to your home and the things in it.

How people live is not how they should sell their home.  Buyers will not have the same appreciation for the colours and furnishings you so lovingly selected and the effort you put into placing your furniture to best suit your family.

Professional home stagers provide an objective view of your home and make it appealing to more potential buyers.  The recommendations may not align with your style, but it will help to sell your home faster.

At the very minimum, get a professional consultation.  The advice and action plan will be invaluable.

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Can I stage my home myself?

Will my home sell regardless if it’s staged or not?

Yes you can sell a property that’s not staged, but the decision to do so may come at a cost.  There’s a buyer out there for every property if the price is right, but it may take longer and you may not be able to get the price that you’re after. 

Realtors often recommend a price reduction of 2% for every 2 weeks that a property is not sold.  For example, if a property is priced at $500,000.  A 2% reduction means $10,000.  If it doesn’t sell then, another 2% is recommended which equates to another $9,800 bringing the total reduction to $19,800 after 4 weeks of being on the market. 

According to Schwarz’ statistics, U.S. research states that home staging can help to reduce a property’s listing time on the market by 30% - 50% and could deliver a price that is 6% - 20% more than a vacant home or a home that is not properly staged.

A professional stager provides an objective viewpoint into what it would take to help sell your home faster by helping buyers visualize themselves living in there.

For more reasons on why home staging is necessary, read my blog .

Is it not my real estate agent’s job to get my home ready to sell?

No, your real estate agent’s job is to bring buyers to your door.  They will market it, offer professional advice on pricing and help you negotiate the sell price you’re after.  Their expertise lie in understanding the nuances of the real estate marketplace and their ability negotiate on your behalf.

Once they bring the buyers to your door, it is the home stager’s job to make the home appeal to those buyers.  Our expertise is in understanding the psychology of the buyers and the emotional influences affecting their buying decision.  We help them see themselves living and making memories there.

To learn more about what we do to help sell your home, read more About Me .  

Will I recover my staging investment
when my home sells?

Absolutely! Not only will you be able to recover your investment, according to Schwarz’ statistics, U.S. research states that home staging can help to reduce a property’s listing time on the market by 30% - 50% and could deliver a price that is 6% - 20% more than a vacant home or a home that is not properly staged.

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How long does it normally take to get a house ready for the market?

If you’re a well prepared person, then you should take matters your own hands and get your home ready before placing it on the market.  1st impression is everything and you want to appeal to the very first buyer who walks through your front door.

Preparing your home for the marketplace is highly dependent on the condition of your home.  If it’s been a while since you’ve made any changes to your home or if there are a lot of clutter to be cleared out, it may take you longer.

I recommend to my clients to plan 4 weeks in advance to address any and all issues in your home.
For a more detailed plan to get your home ready in 4 weeks, read my 4-part “If  you fail to prepare” blog .
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