Home Decorating Services Toronto

You’ve decided it’s time to update the look, layout and function of your biggest investment. Maybe you need another bathroom or bedroom, a larger kitchen – or would like to open up the main floor. How about finally finishing the basement?

For these larger projects, it is critical to hire a qualified professional to look after both the cosmetic issues (colour palettes, paints, fabrics, etc.) and the structural aspects (building and removing walls, relocating plumbing, installing windows and doors).

The Toronto home re-design services of iStage& Organize are delivered under the watchful eye of owner and lead designer Nina Doiron. Her experienced team creates beautiful, well-crafted custom solutions that can make your home look and function better for your family’s specific needs, while protecting the long-term value of your property.

Here’s What You Can Expect (Our Process):

Each job begins with a consultation to understand your needs and desires, while at the same time defining your budget and scope of work. For some, this initial step is enough – allowing you to carry on with the work of researching, sourcing, hiring and managing all the trades on your own.

However, if you need a little more help, we can take it one step further. With the next step in the process, our team will takepreliminary measurements, and develop a design plan. We’ll do the research and recommend options for finishes (including paint), fabrics, materials, accessories and more. If you so desire, you can take over from here and source out your preferred trades and manage all the details of your design project on your own.

However, if you are busy professionals and don’t have the time to manage the thousands of details and complications that comeswith a design project, you can choose our full design service. Upon signing the contract, we’ll move ahead with the following steps:

1. We’ll bring in our trades to measure, provide costs and timelines. This keeps the project on budget and on time.

2. Next, we present the final budget and design for your final approval. From here, we can source materials, take you shopping (asnecessary), and order materials and finishes.

3. We meticulously monitor all our trades – from start to finish – and provide regular check-ins to keep you informed.

4. Projects can be complex, so we manage the precise timing of all deliveries and installations, and ensure quality control throughout the process.

5. After the reveal, we’ll take you through a careful inspection of our work, to spot any areas that need further attention.

6. Your satisfaction – and delight – are all part of the service!

Call today. iStage & Organize offers some of the best home design services in Toronto, and will help you love your home again!