Professional Home Organizer Toronto

You’d be surprised at the benefits of Toronto home organizing services. Sure, organizing has its practical side, like reducing (or eliminating) the time spent searching for your stuff. And it is essential when prepping your home for the real estate market.

Organizing and decluttering may also be the alternative to a larger home, as the square footage you seek may be buried under boxes, bags, toys – and mounds of clothing. Getting rid of unused or unnecessary items is far less expensive than renovating or moving.

A professional home organizer Toronto can also free your mind of the mental clutter that accompanies a jam-packed house or condo. Too many material things can cause feelings of discontentment, not to mention stress, distraction, and anxiety.
Isn’t it time to let go of what’s weighing you down?

iStage & Organize offers professional organizing services to help you determine what to keep and what to remove. They will provide you with long-term organization solutions for the “must keep items” and help you let go of the rest. In as short as one four-hour session, they can help you to reclaim the forgotten spaces of your home.

“Collect moments and memories, not things,” says owner Nina Doiron, member of the Professional Organizers of Canada. “My team will work side-by-side with you, and help free yourself from the materials and goods overwhelming you and your family.”

Nina is also a RESA-Pro and a RESA-approved instructor for real estate agents in Ontario, and has been featured on Rogers TV, Rock Your Biz Radio and The Home Staging Show.

In addition to their work-along plan, iStage & Organize also provides a consultation service. A clearly laid out plan will be crafted to tackle all the required areas of your home, so you can work at your own pace.

Call today! Whether your goal is organizing, decluttering, downsizing, or packing for a move, iStage & Organize makes it easy and will help you get there quickly and effectively. They’ll give back your peace of mind – and the energy and time to enjoy new experiences, and spend time with the people you love.